Learn the solar study animation with sketchup

Sketchup is a great tool for performing solar study analysis perfectly. Follow the processes given below for developing a solar study with sketchup.

 Visit Window>Model Info>Location

 If you are not familiar with the geo-location of your site, take help from Google. Finding proper location of the site is vital to ensure that the shadows are perfect. If you can’t find the accurate coordinates, just put in the general city.

 After that you should have to specify the date and time of day: Window>Shadows

 Concentrate on the Time and Date.

 The Summer Solstice, June 21, consider as the longest day/shortest night, December 21, as the shortest day/longest night, and the Equinox, March 21 and September 21, is where the days/nights are identical.

 One will get a clear picture of the extremes and median of the shade and sun of your site by animating these three dates.

 Make a scene on the hour, every hour begins in the morning. Window>Scenes>Add Scene

 While choosing a scene in the Scenes window, press the refresh button and update the shadow settings as well as the camera angle to replicate scenes for the solar study, or to arrange the animation scenes one time, and then import a new model into your solar study template.

 Ward Lester has presented some exclusive videos through which he shows how to use sketchup for making solar study animation of a great room of the designed house. The animation is created with the shadows and scenes window of sketchup.

  Learn the solar study animation with sketchup

The Video link is http://www.sketchup4architect.com/learn-the-solar-study-animation-with-sketchup.htm

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  Arka Roy



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