Ron Paulk’s Super Mobile Woodshop is Complete, and He’s Posted the Sketchup Plans for Free Download

mobile woodshop

When last we looked in on Washington-based builder Ron Paulk, he was on the verge of completing his kick-ass Mobile Woodshop. Contained inside a 1,000-cubic-foot box truck, Paulk’s comprehensive design ingeniously incorporates every major power tool a contractor would need, features copious parts-and-materials storage, and is loaded up with a plethora of clever design solutions.

mobile woodshop 2

Since our initial coverage, Paulk’s uploaded a video tour of the completed project:


Even better, Paulk has uploaded his complete Google Sketchup plans free of charge. We admire both Paulk’s design ingenuity—as one example you can see in the video tour above, he wisely eschewed expensive drawer slides and found simple dados in plywood to be a superior solution—and his generosity in sharing the final design, which is the result of not only the several months he put into drawing up and constructing the project, but of his decades of experience in building things. The plans are available here, and our thanks go out to Paulk.
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