OctaneRender 2.02 for Sketchup

OctaneRender for Sketchup plugin performs rendering with Interactive Octane Viewport. All Octane settings are preserved in the settings menu of the Viewport to trim down mess.

Octane for Sketchup offers total control over sophisticated material node system as well as provides an access to ~700 LiveDB materials configured, arranged with groups.

Octane is fully incorporated with Sketchup. The users will be able to edit geometry, fine-tune perspective and orthographic cameras, arrange lighting, utilize materials, toggle among pages and perform interactive rendering at the same time. The users can collaborate with their work and allocate work among various workstations as all the Octane settings are accumulated in the .skp files.

The plugin facilitates everything like geometry, materials, and lighting to be customized. No exporting geometry moves in one direction and then the other repetitively. No scene reloads on every move. All remains in realtime.

Octane for Sketchup comes with strong instancing and proxy systems to save and reprocess data to its fullest extent. The users can now get rid of the issue – composite scenes having bundle of geometry like tree forests. Just gets simple geometry illustration in Sketchup to have greater output from Sketchup keeping the quality of a final image with high-poly proxies intact.

Every OctaneRender plugin consists of an OctaneRender bundle. The Octane for Sketchup plugin allows producing a stronger node material editor. The procedure is very easy: 1. Arrange all essential materials in OctaneRender Standalone and save in the .ocs file 2. Import these materials into Octane for Sketchup. Once editing of scene geometry is completed, the complete Sketchup scene is exported to OctaneRender Standalone. Work can be carried on from the point it was left in Sketchup.

OctaneRender 2.02 for Sketchup

OctaneRender 2.02 for Sketchup


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