3D modeling with Sketchup make Trimble

Basic Course organized by the Order of Architects PPC of the Province of Forlì in collaboration with Visuall SRL.S. have been recognized, no. CFP 6 from CNAPPC .

The objective of the course is to give participants the tools needed to design and modeling three-dimensional objects from design to architecture. At the end of the course the student will be able to use all the tools for modeling, listed models and management of the views to be able to print their work or share them on the screen and by e-mail.

Participation fee € 130.00 + VAT registration closes : 15/07/2014 length n. 6 hours

Mode of entry send the request for pre-registration form to: Visuall SRL.S (visuall@visuall.it), stating its personal and fiscal (tax code., and P. Iva), telephone and email. From the date of confirmation of registration, which will be forwarded via e-mail from Visuall SRL.S, and / or communicated by telephone, the subscriber will have to proceed to the payment of the balance in the time of the next 3 days, sending the response of payment via e-mail. If you do not receive the indicated time, the enrollment will be canceled.

Appointment : Saturday, July 19, 2014 from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 15.30 at Visuall Showroom via Decius Rays 2, Forli

3D modeling with Sketchup make Trimble

3D modeling with Sketchup make Trimble


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