SketchUp photorealistic rendering, its uses and features

There are many plug-ins for Google SketchUp that provides high-quality photorealistic rendering – fast and easily. Renditioner works directly within SketchUp and lets you control the materials, advanced lighting components, environments, background images.

Renditioner is “one button” easy with 3 render options of Preview, Standard and Presentation. It is simple enough for novices and yet powerful enough for professionals. Powerful features are optimised in a jargon free interface. Simplicity paired with speed and working directly in SketchUp, means you can achieve design visualisation objectives more quickly. Renditioner offers 16 megapixel renderings for large-scale printing and powerful presentation of your designs.

Uses: Renditioner is a program designed specifically to work inside SketchUp, with a one – button easy to use format. With next to no setup time required, you can get straight on with producing and enhancing your renderings. Simplicity paired with speed and working directly within SketchUp, means you can achieve design visualisation objectives more quickly.

Create Moving Photorealistic Renderings! Small changes to material finishes, reflectance levels, or bumpiness can bring your textures to life. But emotional images often come from light and colour. IDX Renditioner provides pre-built lighting components that are easy to control. Change cone width, intensity, or colours, and highlight items in your scene or enhance a particular mood.

Features: Render modes – There are three preset render buttons for Preview, Standard, and Presentation renders. If you want you can change the values for those presets. You can also optimize render settings by setting the scene size (Room, Building, etc) and for advanced renders switch between lighting environments (Exterior, Interior, and Studio).

Control Environments – Click a render button and you‘ll see a background sky and ground plane that go with the lighting conditions (night, hazy, twilight, etc).

Lighting Features – Natural lighting is controlled by selecting a weather condition: clear sky, cloudy, hazy, twilight, or full moon are just a few. The SketchUp sun position can be over-ridden to position the moon or sun in a certain way. Artificial lights are provided, but it is simple to make your own from any component. One component acts like the light fixture, while a subcomponent acts like the bulb.

Camaras and Lighting

A. HDR-based Lighting: HDR, or High Dynamic Range based lighting, allows for better control of the lighting of an image or scene., by preserving image details that may be lost due to limiting contrasts ratios.

B. Predefined, Weather-based Lighting Schemes: New Renditioner Pro takes lighting further with extensive lighting controls. Choose from menus of predefined, weather-based lighting schemes including Preview Lighting, Fast Lighting, Interior Lighting and Exterior Lighting.

Lighting Controls: Twist control is available as an HDR-based lighting adjustment to rotate 3D backgrounds and associated reflections. Drop scenery effects – sky, shadow, light shadow, and reflection – includes controls for shadow quality, contrast, brightness and blur.

SketchUp photorealistic rendering, its uses and features

SketchUp photorealistic rendering, its uses and features


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