How LumenRT 2015 along with Sketchup was utilized to develop the Mobile River Bridge project in Alabama

The Alabama Dept of Transportation (ALDOT) will be developing the I-10 Mobile River Bridge which is a new six-lane bridge having 215 feet of Air Draft Clearance (ADC) across the Mobile River. The location of the project is in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama.

ALDOT has applied LumenRT on this greatly recognized Mobile River Bridge project to complete it fruitfully. (

ALDOT used LumenRT 2015 to produce immersive 3D LiveCube™ visualizations concerning a 10 km square area of the projected bridge and adjacent site area. Some leading 3D software like Esri CityEngine, Bentley MicroStation, and Trimble Sketchup models together with VISSIM and Bentley Traffic vehicle animations were utilized to create the LiveCubes.

Besides, the LiveCubes™ comprised of more than 50,000 3D breeze animated trees, numerous animated vehicles, wave-animated water and a complete 3D environment containing moving clouds and haze.

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