Enjoy superior rendering with FluidRay RT integration plugin for SketchUp

FluidRay RT integration plugin for SketchUp has just been launched. This latest 3d modeling application is compatible with SketchUp 2013/2014 Windows version. Now one can render with FluidRay RT directly from inside sketchup.

FluidRay RT integration plugin for SketchUp will facilitate the users to import scenes, objects and materials directly from leading 3d modeling softwares like Alias Wavefront (.obj), SketchUp (*.skp)†, Rhino OpenNurbs (*.3dm), Collada (*.dae), FBX (*.fbx) , 3DS (*.3ds, *.ase), DirectX (.X), Stanford PLY (*.ply).

FluidRay RT contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Produce real-time & perfect Global Illumination substantially.
  • Perform high speed rendering with Intel Embree ray-tracing kernels.
  • Provide superior rendering quality devoid of tweaking impenetrable rendering parameters.
  • Various impartial real-time algorithms to deal with all potential lighting configurations: Bidirectional Path Tracing, Direct Lighting, Path Tracing.
  • Metropolis Sampling.
  • Synchronized Ambient Occlusion.
  • Comes up with whole system RAM without any GPU memory restriction. Having ability to render scenes through unlimited triangles and multiple GB of textures.

The users can download a 15-days free trial version containing all the aspects of the paid version as well as no limited resolution or watermarks.


Published By

Arka Roy




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