Brighter 3D version 2.2.0 is now compatible with sketchup 2015

After successful application of Brighter3d version 2.1, the most updated version alias Brighter3d version 2.2 is arrived in the market to transform your rendering skills to the next level.

With Brighter3d version 2.2, the users can render all their sketchup scenes easily and efficiently. Brighter3d version 2.2 is compatible with 64bit version as same as sketchup 2015. While setting up the software, it automatically select 64bit or 32bit as per your sketchup installation.

Brighter3d version 2.2 is well versed with various sketchup versions like 8/2013/2014 and 2015.

Brighter3d version 2.2 comes up with some exciting features like high speed renderings, larger scenes, superior texture resolutions having all the computer memory at your fingertips.

Download it now


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Arka Roy



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