Cebas has unveiled the trail version of thinkingParticles 6 for superior particle rendering

cebas has introduced the trial version of thinkingParticles 6 and it can be downloaded. The trial version contains almost the same functionality to the original version but some restrictions are included.

Cebas is giving opportunity to the customers to analyze the newest version of thinkingParticles for an unlimited period of time and to gather knowledge of the latest features as well as become efficient with the rule-based, multi-physics FX aptitude of thinkingParticles.

The following are the limitations of the trial version of thinkingParticles. There exist production-associated items to a large extent and some rendering constraints that will not have an effect on basic application for FX formations.


  • Particles: Lack of rendering options
  • Particles: Lack of Export function
  • Meshes: Generated only in View port display
  • Materials: rendering output is not supported
  • Composite Material display only in View port
  • Particle caching: Not accessible in the Trial Version
  • Physics Simulation caching: not accessible
  • thinkingParticles Scenes: ‘save’ option does not exist
  • Black Boxes: ‘save’ option does not exist
  • 3rd Party Plug-In Support does not exist in the trial version
  • External Particle is unavailable (Mesher/Snapshot)
  • TD-Tool support for producing TP Particle Systems: not available
  • Scripting in general is immobilized in the trial version


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Arka Roy



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