E-on software ships the free trial version of Carbon Scatter 2015

E-on software, the solution provider in digital nature technologies, just introduced free Carbon Scatter 2015 trial version compatible with 3ds max, maya and cinema 4d.

Carbon Scatter 2015 can be applied for producing complicated & detailed populations through the native instancing technologies related with the host application.

The Carbon Scatter Pro Trial Version is completely working version of Carbon Scatter Pro 2015 and it contains the following drawbacks:-

  • The Trial Version comes up with a restricted number of plants and polygonal meshes.
  • Switch to native instances is restricted to 1000 instances.
  • Saving scenes and network rendering is turned off.

The Carbon Scatter Pro Trial Version is made on the basis of e-on software’s procedural plant technique and the users can easily modify any of the plants contained in Carbon scatter as well as obtain more plants from cornucopia3d.com and the PlantFactory Nursery to produce their own, exceptional plant species.

The users can apply the Carbon Scatter Pro Trial Version only for individual and non-commercial purposes; exchanges of files with other Trial users are not permissible and are not compatible with commercial versions of Carbon Scatter 2015. After setting up the Trial Version, the users can utilize it for 30 days only.

The Carbon Scatter Trial Version will set up in all supported applications on the end user’s system and the rendering of EcoSystem™ populations in all supported renderers can be performed.

Carbon Scatter Pro is natively well-matched with PlantFactory content (even if the user doesn’t own PlantFactory).

Download the trial version


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Arka Roy




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