AXYZ design and Chaos Group Join Forces to Bring High-Quality 3D Characters to SketchUp and Rhino

New Collaboration Gives SketchUp and Rhino Users Access to the Metropoly 3D Ready Posed Human Characters Catalogue

Trento, Italy – November 18, 2014. Leading provider of 3D character models, AXYZ design, announced today the integration of their libraries with Chaos Group’s V-Ray for SketchUp and Rhino. This release addresses the lack of existing high-quality 3D human assets for these platforms, offering users the benefits of adding 3D characters to their renders.

Teaching with Sketchup:  using 3D to spark creativity in children

A primary school classroom with students busy creating simple animations

Aimed at the arch-viz industry, 3D character models are ready to be dropped into any scene to provide an instant entourage, breaking the limitations of using 2D characters, and improving daily workflows.

Teaching with Sketchup:  using 3D to spark creativity in children

One of the finest projects created by our pupils, mixing arts/history with 3D modeling

Main benefits:

  • Forget post-production – Thanks to instant integration in the scene, retouching is not required, as interaction with the scene’s lighting is automatic.
  • Simulate photographic effects – Render motion blur and depth of field, even through transparent objects.
  • Render from any angle – New views can be rendered without the need to add people and match perspective in post-production.
  • Create stereoscopic images and immersive virtual spaces. Scenes including 3D characters can be exported to real time engines or used to render stereoscopic images.
  • Use simple materials – Besides realistic photographically derived textures, simple materials like plastic, metal and plaster, found in traditional architectural scale models can be used.
Teaching with Sketchup:  using 3D to spark creativity in children
Learning Sketchup tricks in the classroom, and quickly going beyond what was taught
AXYZ design CEO, Diego Gadler says, ”Partnering with Chaos Group gives us the chance to move forward on our commitment to provide artists with the best 3D characters in the industry. We are excited about what this collaboration brings for the future, with a new and expanded user base.”
Teaching with Sketchup:  using 3D to spark creativity in children
Another project, showcasing links between different curricula and a modular, computational-thinking approach to problem solving
Chaos Group Product Manager, Corey Rubadue says, “Partnerships like this are invaluable for the V-Ray community. SketchUp and Rhino artists now have easy access to quality digital people and can focus more time on design and communicating their ideas.”
Teaching with Sketchup:  using 3D to spark creativity in children
A simple house, whose walls are hiding painstakingly detailed interiors, all carefully modeled by the students

All libraries are available and distributed through the AXYZ online store, enabling users to immediately download and merge characters into their scenes. Metropoly model libraries are also available for Autodesk 3ds Max, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Wavefront .obj file format for use with other compatible software.

About AXYZ design

Established on 2004, AXYZ design, develops state-of-the-art 3D products especially for CG artists, architects and designers, including Metropoly, a line of 3D ready posed and rigged characters, an(i) ma®, the fastest Stand-Alone character animation software in the industry, and aXYZHUB, the free 3d asset browser.


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