3Dcreative.ly is the next generation 3d modeling tool to streamline your 3d design process

Canada based 3Dponics Inc, the creator of first ever 3D-printable hydroponics system, is going to introduce 3Dcreative.ly. This newest 3d modeling app is developed through the latest technology and expected to replace the existing 3d modeling technologies. It consists of some new and advanced functionalities that empower users to achieve total creative control over their digital files as well as make their 3d design process simpler & uncomplicated.

With 3Dcreative.ly, users will be able to upload and revise any motionless digital files from Thingiverse (or any other file sharing program).

The users can also generate 3D objects in a new way through the shapes and structures pre-loaded in the app’s Library of Shapes.

The most striking feature of 3Dcreative.ly is that the general people can also use it without any previous experience in 3d modeling technology.

3Dcreative.ly is the expansion of the original 3Dponics Customizer, an app facilitating users to produce custom parts for their personal indoor gardens. Both apps are compatible with OS, OS X, Android, tablets, Windows, Windows Phone as well as any browser.

3Dcreative.ly is ideal for education or business. It can be a good resource for any modern classroom as it offers the ideal way to bring in kids taking STEM subjects to 3D printing, 3D modeling and CAD.

A basic version is available for free. One can also purchase a premium version. For getting more updates send mail to info@3dcreative.ly or call 1-855-385-7468.

Canada based 3Dponics Inc, the creator of first ever 3D-printable hydroponics system
Image Courtesy: 3dprint.com


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