SketchUp Architectural Entourage (Beta)

This sketchup plugin is currently in beta development stage. The sketchup users can apply these simplified toolset to transform any 3d design into the masses through sketchup. This toolset provides huge benefits to the beginners as well expert designers by allowing them to use the authentic forgiving modeling process in sketchup. Presently ArchVision provides support for RPC inside sketchup.

ArchVision RPC Plug-ins for SketchUp support Sketchup 2014 and sketchup 2015 (both 32 & 64 bit). Download the plugins from the folloiwng links :-

Usage Instructions

Current Behavior

  • Image supported RPCs (2D, 2.5D, 3D & 3.5D) will demonstrate a single, camera-facing image inside SketchUp
  • 3D+ content will constantly expose the Preview Icon prior to be rendered through a supporting 3rd Party renderer

3rd Party Rendering Solutions – Solutions for rendering with 3rd-party renderer are necessary for rendering complete 360 degree 3D and 3D+ RPCs:

  • IRender NXT (available now – Click here.)
  • Podium (in progress)
  • V-Ray (in progress)

If you require a supplimentary 3rd-party rendering solutions, then send mail

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SketchUp Architectural Entourage

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