Sefaira introduced Direct Sunlight Analysis Plugin for Sketchup and revit user

Sefaira, the leading software developer for high-performance building design, just introduced Direct Sunlight Analysis Plugin compatible with sketchup and Revit. This exclusive plugin will automate the process for SEPP 65 direct sunlight calculations. The architects can access this new plugin through Sefaira’s cloud platform and generate a complete report covering SEPP 65 sunlight requirements in quickest possible manner out of Trimble sketchup and Autodesk Revit in the design phase.

The architects will be able to create the design for nice-looking, high-performing buildings involving superior and daylighting performance, superior occupant comfort as well as reduce the cost of construction & operational costs.

The architects can quickly visualize and precisely measure the authentic solar access to living, working and public spaces throught the design progression. Besides, the design, test, design operation is augmented and the arthitects can easily realize the solar from the conceptual design stage and instantly reiiterate for producing wonderful apartments and wonderful places for people.

By applying the Sefaira SEPP 65 reports, the architects can incorporate daylight analytics during the design workflow and the property owners and developers can analyze designs prior to submit them to the council and local planning authorities to verify compliance devoid of attaching time delays.

Analysis features contain annual daylighting, daylight factor, and time-of-day simulations which will become fruitful for the architects to purposely design and communicate the quality of light in their buildings.

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Sefaira Daylight Analysis Plugin for sketchup

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