Learn V-ray online and obtain a 5SRW certification for V-ray

CGworld Pte Ltd is offering an exclusive online course for v-ray users. The course is known as 5-Step Render Workflow. By undergoing this v-ray course one will be able to use v-ray as a real DSLR camera.

One can learn to use photographic perception to V-ray. With 5-step render workflow, one can learn realistic composition, professional lighting through v-ray, material formation in v-ray, final setting and render elements with v-ray, post production methods with photoshop.

All the lessons in this v-ray course are provided with v-ray for 3ds max which consist of videos, concepts and exercises to allow to be a 5SRW certified professional for v-ray. This course is available in 7 different languages. The course contains 50 advanced prerecorded lessons. Besides, some renowned v-ray official instructors will provide their support directly through email.

If you are not 3ds max user, there will be series of downlodable files scenes for 3ds Max, Rhino, SketchUp, Maya or C4D.

In order to get more information on this course and course fee, visit http://www.learnvray.com/


Learn v-ray online and obtain a 5SRW certification for v-ray
Image Courtesy: http://www.learnvray.com

We want to feature this page: sketchup4architect.com/sketchup-plugins


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