Disney has developed an augmented reality coloring book App to provide a 3d animated view of your drawing through augmented reality technology

Disney has introduced an augmented reality coloring book App that can be used to map color in real-time out of a 2D coloring book onto a animated 3D model. The users can give color to any character in a printed coloring book and review their work via a mobile gadget. The users can view the colored character go around in augment reality 3d space on top of the page.

The sketch is recognized and addressed, and the video stream is augmented through an animated 3-D version of the character that is textured based on the given color. There is a texturing method that uses the captured texture out of a 2-D colored drawing to both the seeable and occluded regions concerning a 3-D character in real time. There exist a deformable surface tracking system intended for colored drawings that applies a new outlier rejection algorithm for real-time tracking and surface deformation restoration. The 2d and 3d content can be generated through a content creation pipeline.

Every single character in the coloring book is generated in 3D modeling software and animated. Afterward, every surface pixel on the model is attributed a equivalent pixel space on the 2D image in the coloring book.

For more information visit, www.disneyresearch.com

Disney has developed an augmented reality coloring book App

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