Twinmotion 2016 is launched to perform 25% faster rendering

Abvent S.A., the sole distributor of Twinmotion, has just introduced Twinmotion 2016. It is a useful software for 3D visualization and 3D immersion. With this newly launched 3d program, the architects and designers will be able to quickly generate digital models of their 3D projects as well as apply live effects in real-time and communicate with their models efficiently.

Twinmotion supports Windows OS platform as well as various recognized 3D modeling software. The software can streamline the landscape design, urban planning & building design process significantly. Twinmotion can generate superior quality images and animations in the quickest possible manner.

Twinmotion 2016 provides 25% faster both in the planning and in the final rendering stage as it is graphically optimized to a great extent.

Twinmotion 2016 offers the following crucial enhancements in productivity:

  • Automate the process for managing product updates
  • new Revit 2014/2015/2016 plug-in
  • point cloud import and automatic conversion to a terrain in Twinmotion
  • terrain import from Google Earth (through SketchUp) and conversion to a Twinmotion terrain
  • extensive object library containing vegetation, animated characters, vehicles, fountains
  • widespread material library: ceilings
  • project phasing

Besides, BIMmotion, the ground-breaking stand-alone viewer, facilitates the Twinmotion users to distribute an interactive executable (.exe) file with their clients, allowing them to delve into the project independently – following it from initial phase to finish.

A free, 30-day trial version of Twinmotion 2016 is available for download (

Watch the following demo video:

Twinmotion 2016

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