Sketchup 2016 is just launched with some advanced and new features

Trimble just introduced sketchup 2016. Go through the following link to upgrade to this latest version of sketchup.

Sketchup 2016 contains the following exclusive features :-

Trimble Connect – The designers, builders, owners and operators can now accumulate, synchronize, reference, allot, collaborate and view project information through Trimble Connect in a more superior way. Sign in ( and avail a free account, then upload .skp, .pdf, .dxf, .ifc.

With SketchUp 2016, the users can apply 3D Warehouse models as reference objects in any project. At first download a model from 3D Warehouse, then reload it to restore adjustments to each sample of that component.

  • In sketchup 2016 ‘Generate Report’ tool has been totally revised to provide superior control concerning kind of information SketchUp Pro exports from models as well as how it’s arranged.
  • In 2016 version, LayOut’s reference objects become compatible with web. Now it becomes possible that LayOut projects can reference and revise files which are reserved and synchronized with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Trimble Connect Sync.
  • There exist an extension ecosystem for LayOut and this new API will facilitate the developers to generate & customize layout files out of SketchUp models.
  • Significant enhancement is made to the inference engine in sketchup 2016 for quick and accurate modeling. With sharper inferencing and locking, the performance of SketchUp gets better.
  • For windows platform, the floating utility dialogs in sketchup 2016 has been revised (Styles, Scenes, Components, etc.) in order that these are precisely stored within adjustable, totally collapsible trays.

Link for download Sketchup 2016

  • In sketchup 2016, the default material libraries are renovated with the inclusion of up-to-date textures and reforming categories. Press ‘B’ and go wild.
  • LayOut dimensions are also amended with the new ‘small dimension’ leaders to make sure that text by no means obstructs with arrows or extension lines, and that all the dimensions always comprise room to extend while dealing with limited spaces.
  • LayOut’s layers are also significantly improved. While grouping objects over layers, drawing objects on shared layers, or unearthing the bottom of a stacked viewport, the new layers perform in a superior way.

Go through the following release note to get more details on ketchup 2016

Sketchup 2016

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