Cornucopia3D organized Star The Force Awakens Wars Contest 2015

Cornucopia3D is organizing the The The Force Awakens image contest for all the Star Wars fans. This 3d competition had started from Monday 30th of November and will continue upto Sunday 3rd of January (midnight, GMT). The Star Wars fan will get a chance to apply their 3d expertise for generating an image and winning exciting prizes.

For the first time, Paul Huston, Senior Digital Matte Artist at Industrial Light & Magic, having working experience with 7 Star Wars Movies, will perform as the judge in this 3d competition.

There will be some exciting prizes (thousands of dollars) from Cornucopia3D and e-on software for first 3 winners. Given below details of prizes:

1st place:

First Runner Up:

Second Runner Up:

VUE xStream 2015

VUE Complete 2015

VUE Esprit 2015

PlantFactory Producer 2015

PlantFactory Designer 2015

PlantFactory Artist 2015

1 year CClub Membership

1 year CClub Membership

1 year CClub Membership


Rules and Regulations of the contest:

  • Images should represet something matching the theme of the contest, The Force Awakens.
  • Postwork is permissible; however, but it must be clearly mentioned that what postwork is undertaken.
  • Images must be unique and not been published online anyplace previously.
  • Images should not be uploaded or demonstrated somewhere else online as far as contest is finished and declaration are made for winners.
  • All the Images should have been uploaded to the The Force Awakens contest gallery.
  • Be cautions prior to upload any image as the image will be disqualified if uploaded to an inappropriate gallery.
  • Cornucopia3D staff will not be eligible to upload or otherwise edit images for you.
  • 1 (one) image per member is allowable in the competition; but one can post alike themed images to the other galleries!

For any further query concerning the competition, send mail to

Cornucopia3D  organized Star The Force Awakens Wars Contest 2015
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Arka Roy

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