Enhance your sketchup skills and become an advanced sketchup users

ISDM is offering offering an exclusive sketchup course for advanced sketchup users to explore and communicate design ideas to the clients and community.

This sketchup course is designed on developing a 3d model of a Kentucky park that is the basis for gathering knowledge on each tool inside Sketchup. The course will continue for 10 hours and cover the following topics :-


• Developing a project • Installing a project preferences • Geographically discover your project • Generating a template •Modeling • Construction • Navigation • Organization


• Applying lines, circles, polygons, arcs and surfaces to form 3D shapes • Familiar with edges and faces and get rid of general mistakes • Scale and precision • Push -Pull, move and follow-Me tool • Constraining object movement


• Zoom • Pan • Views – Standard and their applications • Camera tools – field of view, creating cameras, position camera • Making/saving and editing scenes Developing your project • Advanced modeling • Adding materials • Rendering • Making animations • Using Google 3D Warehouse • Using Google Earth


• Using materials • Producing new materials • Fixing material mapping on faces • Mapping materials to curved surfaces • Editing material Rendering • Using Styles • Editing styles • Generating styles • Exporting 2D graphics, Advanced Modeling • Modeling organic objects • Intersecting models • Using Sections • Using the Sandbox tools • 3D Text • Plug-in tools • Using Google Warehouse • Using Google Earth • Smoothing of faces using both soften smooth edges and the eraser tool • Photo match models • Using AutoCAD files • Exporting models to Photoshop CS4, Animations, • Making animations from scenes, • Scenes – Transitions and delays • Export settings – frame sizes, • Frame rates



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