Sketchfab & TimeSlice joined hands to develop interactive 4D models with GoPro Array technology

Of late Sketchfab joined hands with TimeSlice Films to develop and host an interactive 4D model. It is corresponding to a 3D model that can be easily operated and animated through computer’s mouse, but contains an additional feature like movement in the object itself.

Sketchfab and the volumetric capture specialists at TimeSlice Films develop this 4D footage with the help of 53 GoPro Hero3 & Black Edition cameras, tentative GoPro Sync technology and some of TimeSlice’s own custom tech. The 4D footage is created with individual frames which are linked together, however in this case, each frame is a 3D model.

Volumetric capture is a major development of both the still and moving image. It basically modifies visual content formation out of a fixed-viewpoint to a free-viewpoint experience. This type of content is known as Free Viewpoint Media (FVM). It can be observed from different viewpoint.

Tim, captured in 4D with GoPro by Timeslice on Sketchfab

Sketchfab & TimeSlice


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Arka Roy


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