How to resolve visual display issue for remote distance – An exclusive sketchup tutorial

This sketchup video is part of the sketchup skill builder series. This sketchup tutorial is created with Sketchup Pro 2016.This video is presented by Chris and he briefly explains how to resolve the issue while importing any third party models created with IFC or DWG file formats which are in a remote distance from the origin. Besides, you will be introduced to an extension called Axes tools developed by Thomas Thomassen that will make the process easy for importing the models. To run the extension, you require TT_Lib2 2.7.0.

Axes tools can reset the axis of components to their bounding box’ centre or corners. This sketchup extension can resolve the problems occurred while importing pesky DWG files, the insertion point of the blocks are in a remote distance resulting in dithering the components.

Sketchup Skill Builder

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