How to render an interior scene with V-ray for sketchup

This sketchup v-ray tutorial is made by Robson Jacobsen, the CEO of Jacobsen3D , a company having expertize in Renders and 3D interior design and architecture firm. In this tutorial Robson briefly presents step-by-step processes to render an interior scene through v-ray that is modeled with sketchup. Various materials and textures are used in this tutorial.

V-ray is considered as a most recognized third-party renderer for sketchup. It can produce extremely pragmatic 3d architectural drawings. The users can apply various v-ray tools as well as its material and lighting types to give special effects to your interior or exterior scenes. V-ray can generate natural daylight, sun and sky, bouncing light with irradiance mapping & light caches, diffuse and reflective surfaces, control color mapping as well as include caustic lighting and occlusion effect.

If you want to download the model, go through the following link


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Arka Roy


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