MSPhysics 0.8.0 is launched for sketchup users

Anton Synytsia develops MSPhysics v0.8.0. It is a physics simulation plugin for SketchUp that offers same functionality as SketchyPhysics. This sketchup plugin is based on NewtonDynamics physics engine. This plugin only supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 as well as sketchup 6 and higher version. To run this plugin you require AMS_Library 3.2.0 and Latest version, 3.2.5.

MSPhysics, facilitates the scripters to gain complete control over all mouse and keyboard events, along with the mouse wheel. Instead of applying keyboard keys as shortcuts, they can be diverted and applied as game controls. Besides, using mouse wheel as a shortcut for the native zoom in/out operation, it can be intercepted and functioned as a command to control weapons for example. It looks like, MSPhysics applies NewtonDynamics 3.14 by Juleo Jerez with the purpose of generating quick and genuine physics effects. MSPhysics uses Newton 3.14 that is superior and more speedy.

Link For Download


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Arka Roy


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