How to use IES light in vray sketchup to a sketchup scene (pool)

This sketchup video briefly explains how to crate & apply IES light in Vray sketchup to a sketchup scene developed with Sketchup Pro 2016.

Process for applying IES Lights :-

• Click on the IES light icon to include a V-Ray IES light to any sketchup scene.

• In order to choose the location of the IES light, click on the scene

• Click right on the IES light then choose V-Ray for SketchUp and “Edit light”

• In order to load an IES file from the hard drive of your computer, click on “File”

• At this moment, the setting of the IES light can be modified to obtain the desirable effect. As for instance, while applying the Physical Camera, the power should be enhanced. The filter color option can also be adjusted to manage the color of the light.

• Render your scene.


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Arka Roy


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