How to design a british house in sketchup – An exclusive speed build tutorial

This speed build sketchup video is based on designing a general british house with sketchup through step-by-step processes. This sketchup video is presented by Jordan Wright.

Window+ is compatible with sketchup 2016.

It is very simple to design your house in sketchup with impressive floor plans and 3d models. Sketchup is very comprehensible for 3d modeling. You can start designing as soon as the software is installed. Sketchup contains diversified 3d and solid object design power. Sketchup is also mostly recognized for its precision and customization power.

While designing a house, it is recommended to start drawing an outline of your floor plan on paper. If you draw it on paper, you will obtain a point of reference when you go for digital sketching. If you have a graph paper, draw the outline on it, rather than white or notebook paper. Graph paper contains 1/4″ inch boxes which are ideal while drawing to scale. Each 1/4″ inch box will exemplify 1 square foot.


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