Guidelines to apply FFD in Sketchup

This sketchup video shows the demonstration of sketchy FFD. It is an exclusive sketchup extension that includes a control cage to an object facilitating the mesh to be operated through control points.

In order to set up the extension, just place the script in your plugin directory.

Guidelines to use:

• Make a group containing all the geometry to be deformed. This group will consist of only faces and/or lines.

• Click right on the group and choose one of the options in the FFD submenu. Either 2×2 or 3×3 or NxN FFD. Based on the size of the model, it may take few seconds. Finally one can get a new group that includes only control points

• Open the control point group and move the control points according to your choice. While moving the points, the object will deform.


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Arka Roy



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