Some useful sketchup tips to illuminate the exterior in sketchup & vray hdri maps

This tutorial is specifically designed for sketchup vray users. V-Ray for SketchUp stands for a rendering engine that contains Global Illumination (GI) to facilitate the users arranging the lighting for whole scene easily. The tutorial highlights the process for illuminating the exterior in sketchup and vray hdri maps easily. V-Ray for SketchUp supports High Dynamic Range values, also called HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image).

The VRayHDRI map is applied to deliver high dynamic range images (HDRI) and map them onto the background.

HDRI maps can produce attractive surroundings as well as make variation in lighting and scenes. Besides, HDRI can enhance exposure and white balance.

With the HDR file format, users will gain more control on dark to bright. The HDR refers to very special image file format. It is generally starts with professional 360 degree photography, then converts to 96bit full scene image with professional HDR software. HDR allows the users to apply this full scene image as your render light source. It can also be utilized as the background rendering.

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Arka Roy


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