How to pass sketchup models to buildable (molds) for 3d printing with PDF & AutoCAD

This sketchup tutorial will provide step-by-step guidance on how to run four models of SketchUp to buildable (molds) to make them printable with PDF and in AutoCAD which can be utilized to generate models specially curved figures. The scale and some useful tricks are used to adapt 3D and 2D.

Every model contains a height that will be compared with the height “assembled size H” (size once armed). The height is given in millimeters and the scale will be rectified. After that, the size of the paper together with, other details like flaps to paste and lines will be modified.

The thickness of the material is proportionate to the size of the machine. There are other features like “paint overflow”, “paint flaps”, editing, layout, export, password protection, numbers of flaps, fold angle, join faces, insert texts and images etc.

Published By
Arka Roy

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