GKWare Cab Maker, kitchen, vanity version v1.0.60 is launched

This exclusive sketchup plugin is used to generate cabinets for kitchens, vanities, bookcases, entertainment centers etc. There are reasonable sizes for the cabinets which can be used substantially. Besides, there exist different types of styles and textures to be selected. It is possible to include supplementary textures as per your choices. Cab Maker provides support for user definable profiles, cabinet libraries and handles.

Imperial (fractional inches or decimal inches) or metric (mm) Face Frame or Frameless. Overlay or Inset.

This sketchup plugin is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, SU 7, SU 8, SU 2013, SU 2014, SU 2015, SU 2016 and SU2017 and available in English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and United Kingdom.

A toolbar alias “GKWare CabMaker is available for the plugin. Beside, a submenu under the plugins menu called “GKWare CabMaker” and menu option below that known as “CabMaker” also exists. A hot key can be inserted to the menu item.

After resolving all the disputes, then press the “Enter” key or select “Create” from the “Cabinets” Tab. The mouse will be converted to a “Door” cursor. Click the exact position to implant the cabinet and drag to notify Cab Maker what direction is required for the cabinet to face. Base cabinets default to an elevation of 0 and Upper cabinets default to the height over the floor as specified on the “Defaults” Tab.

To get more updates, click on the following link sketchucation.com

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Arka Roy


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