How to make your sketchup rendering superior by adding self glow with arielvision

DutchSims4Master comes with another useful video presentation that shows some tricks for adding self-glow in sketchup with Arielvision.

ArielVision is a cost-effective and user-friendly rendering package that can transform your rendering quality to the next level.

ArielVision applies sun, sky, shadows, lights, transparency and reflections to generate photorealistic renderings out of any SketchUp models efficiently.

By applying a simple dialog, ArielVision can set properties on SketchUp materials like reflections, and offers a Wizard to produce various common lights. Several high quality renderings are formed with a single button click without making any modifications to the model slightly.

ArielVision can render the scene with different types of rendering passes as necessary. (Rendering passes apply extra lighting samples from the sun, sky, and lights to produce smoother shadows and more convincing effects. Primarily, at the learning stage, a limit of 40 passes can be used. Later, the number of passes can be raised according to your choice.

ArielVision describes material properties and rendering settings within SketchUp and saves them in your SketchUp model. You can generate and view the rendering with a simple mouse click.


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