How to Create Lattice Texture in Vray for Sketchup

In today’s session of learning we are introducing you with an exclusive video tutorial of Vray for sketchup. This tutorial is produced with a view to provide detailed demonstration on how to create different materials with a realistic look in Vray.

This tutorial is proudly presented by the Robson Jacobsen, CEO of Jacobsen3D, Company specialized in Renders and 3D designs of interiors and architecture. He is constantly updating his channel with his valuable video tutorials of interior design, architecture, 3D modeling and rendering.

Requirements: To develop this tutorial you just need two software. The first important one is sketchup pro 2016 and Adobe Photoshop (latest version preferred).

First of all, you have to download a texture image according to your need and then you have to implement this texture into sketchup and finally have to give the finishing touch with photoshop.

For more details please watch the tutorial as displayed below:


How to Create Lattice Texture in Vray for Sketchup

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Arka Roy

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