How to use slice for sketchup to slice any solid objects

This is another useful presentation on a sketchup extension from Justin Geis. In this sketchup tutorial one will be familiar with slicer for sketchup. This is a free sketchup extension developed by TIG. This sketchup extension facilitates the users to slice any solid object into different pieces. The users can obtain slices of their SketchUp model to develop a real life model. These slices can be exported as a CNC router.

The Plugin creates slices out of a specified 3D model and the users will be able to select the required axis to be applied for the slices to be generated.

The plugin can extent the slices on the ground plane to arrange a Top view and Export to AutoCad.

To apply the plugin, opt for a group or component, go to Plugins –> Slicer and then use the dialog box to organize how the slices will be produced.

In order to activate this plugin, the Mac users have to install this font from

Click on the following link to download the extension

How to use slice for sketchup to slice any solid objects

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