Yulio just launched a new plugin for sketchup to experience improved virtual reality

Yulio Technologies just launched their newly developed plugin for SketchUp software. The plugin will enhance the ability of existing SketchUp users to virual reality experiences (VREs) that provide more realistic details and can immerse viewing audiences in a superior manner.

The users will be able to produce VREs from SketchUp renders as well as distribute the existing portfolio with clients, on their website and on social media. The plugin is specifically designed for architecture, interior design & real estate.

The plugin will facilitate each designer to obtain the scope to efficiently transform their work from 2D renders in CAD to files that are VR compatible and prepared for viewing via a quicker and better-integral platform. Yulio’s plugin will perform the majority of SketchUp’s design lifting to recover URLs to the user, facilitating the designers to allocate their VR experiences and creations in quickest possible time.

The plugin will allow the designers to keep in touch with their clients through enhanced VR technology.

These plugins function to make the virtual reality experience in A&D better, and provide customers the scope to completely experience designs. While in evolving phase, company plans to obtain speed and provide a perfect sense of realism.

To avail the plugin, go through the following link www.yulio.com


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Arka Roy


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