Eneroth Visual Merge – The newest skethup plugin

Eneroth3 has developed Eneroth Visual Merge. It is an exclusive sketchup plugin available in extension warehouse.

The plugin is compatible with sketchup 2016 and sketchup 2017.

Disguise the connection among groups/components where they connect. The plugin is ideal for disposing of those unwanted edges among a slab and a wall.

Combines groups/components visually by disguising the edges and faces where they meet keeping their shape as it is. Different from solid operation, these modifications are only cosmetic on the surface. The significance of the original geometry (e.g. what is a slab and what is a wall) is sustained and the visual mix is reset with some simple mouse clicks.

Different from solid operations, all groups and components are supported, regardless of they are solid or not.

The plugin only influences geometry that remains loosely in a group/components and avoids nested group/components. You can disguise the seam among a wall and a slab devoid of considering windows that exists in within the wall group.

This sketchup plugin is very user-friendly. Just choose the lines or edges to be rounded off and apply the three modes.

Eneroth Visual Merge – The newest skethup plugin

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Arka Roy


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