Milling Tools – The newest sketchup extension

Thomas Thomassen has developed an exclusive sketchup extension alias Milling Tools. It supports SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

It can be used to generate Dog-Bone fillets, take out 2D profile out of 3D parts for laser/CNC cutting. It is mostly suitable for engineering and woodworking sectors.

Dog Bone Fillets: Generates Dog-Bone fillets on the faces clicked by you.

  • Apply VCB to fix the radius of the tool.
    • Apply VCB to fix arc segment quality. (“8s” will create arcs on the basis of circles containing 8 segments)

There should be no connection between the face clicked on and any other faces or edges.

Part abstraction for CNC/Laser cutting
Instigated from a thread ( from the SketchUp forum.

 Abstract Parts: Choose a set of 3D parts, the faces on the ground plane of each instance will be withdrawn to a 2D profile.

Modify Part Height: Modify the depth of the chosen instance. It will shift the faces of chosen instances to the specified height from the ground plane.

Fix Ground Plane: A tool to opt for the new ground plane for the specified instance.

Menus & Toolbars
• Extensions » Milling Tools

Milling Tools – The newest sketchup extension

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