nz_EasyGroups for sketchup

Natale Zappia has developed nz_EasyGroups for sketchup. This newest sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016 and SketchUp 2017.

 The plugin can be used to generate named groups with interchangeable layers from all associated entities or from anything chosen. Besides, it can manage group/component names in Outliner: With this extension, the users can also perform renaming batch with successive numbering or include a prefix/suffix to the prevailing names.

It will improve the functionality of outliner and will be very fruitful while replicating complex models. Besides, it is also possible to apply outliner devoid of nesting groups but utilizing their names to sort groups.

This tool facilitates you to rapidly generate a group where any ungrouped entity is selected. It can groups the selection and any connected loose entities. The user can label the group and assign it a layer.

It is also possible to add a mixture of entities, groups and components.

Tool allows groups in Outliner to be renamed with/without sequential numbers. This allow you to identify one group from another.

This tool is mostly useful for dealing with complicated models where you may wish to rapidly re-organise groups and names.

This extension is available in extension warehouse

To get more details, watch the following video.


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