MakeVR Pro 3D Released by Vive Studios

MakeVR Pro 3D comes up with a real promise to transform your world of 3D into the virtual reality where you can flawlessly design models while strolling inside the work. Virtual reality is no new thing for the 3D designers and artists, though. But, the challenge is tapping the finest and greatest part of the modeling that keeps a few key players ahead of others.

Associated with Sixpens, Vive Studios released the MakeVR Pro 3D that is based on the CAD designing. This new application does more than they contemporaries offer to the designers. A subtle 3D model can be drowned efficiently with this new application. Not only you design the model, but also you experience every process of designing in real time. You can use your two hands and body to create and art the model. Experiencing the design opens up a vast world of designing for you. The functions like scale, cut, merge solids, and more keep you engaged with the reality of the 3D modeling. With this application, it will no longer be a serious job. Rather, it is a fun loving task that enhances your creativity more than you could ever think.

MakeVR Pro 3D comes up with some easiest features that allow you to design with holding a simple process. The complex issues are getting resolved in no time. 3D printing is another area that involves lots of attention earlier. With this new release, it has become as simple as designing.

The features offered by MakeVr Pro 3D:

• Snap Grids and rulers: The feature will help you manage the size of the model exactly the way you want. It measures in inch or centimeter scale. You can also customize the default as per your need.

• Mirroring of parts: To get a perfect symmetrical design, the feature makes you confident while maintaining the precision.

• Pivoting of parts: This feature is for getting an accurate angle for radial snap grids. The porcupine grids by default set in 45-degree increments. You can change the angle as you prefer, though.

• A virtual Yardstick: This tool is designed to add real-life scaling to the design. It has a great impact on correcting modeling environment.

• STL Viewer: This application allows you to import STL viewer for view only purpose. You can perform limited functions like scaling the object, but it is not for performing other CAD based works.

MakeVR Pro 3D modeling application has also released two tutorials that guide designers to snap the grids and track your object to the grid as you go for the resizing. Unlike other applications available in the market, this is completely based on CAD engine that enhances the accuracy and subtlety of the 3D modeling.

The application comes up with an array of new features which remained untouched till now. These tools are designed to offer a clean view of your 3D modeling and allow you to witness the process of designing virtually.


MakeVR Pro 3D Released by Vive Studios

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