How to produce a realistic interior rendering – Some useful tips by Minh

Minh from Architecture Inspirations provides some handy tips (10 tips) to transform your interior rendering process to the next level with v-ray 3.4 for sketchup.

For making a good design, it is necessary to get better idea or conception. For this purpose, do some online research. You can create your own library with high resolution image. You can visit some good sites like houzz, pinterest etc.

Always try to employ superior quality components. It is recommended to download 3d components from 3d warehouse or utilize 3d warehouse tool to search for images directly from sketchup.

Be careful about the scale of your objects. Ensure your objects remain at perfect scale while going to import objects into your scene. If the objects are too big or too small, your rendering may become unrealistic.

It is suggested to apply premium materials. High quality materials are better than low quality materials as they have superior resolution. Premium materials comprises of various maps so that your mateirls appear to be more realistic at the time of rendering.

Avoid applying wide angle shot. This type of shot is used to capture everything in scene but it may cause a bad composition where viewers become confused regarding what to focus on. So, it is advisable to employ tighter frame for the composition of your scene.

Besides, adding light for lightening the scene, also use the camera settings for this purpose. It is suggested to apply render elements to your final output prior to render.

Utilize VFB window to edit your image if you don’t have photoshop or other image editing software installed.

For having detail shot of your scene, consider employing depth of field.

If you utilize photoshop for post production, then it is advisable to apply Nik collection plugin in photoshop to get better result.

To get more detailed, watch the following video tutorial.

How to produce a realistic interior rendering – Some useful tips by Minh

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