Client Communication: the key to better projects

Delivering SketchUp models to the clients through right communication is important for projects and Nick shows in his video. Communication doesn’t stand only about speaking to and hearing from people, but more than that it is about understanding the total message. A good communication depends on many things like the language will use, delivering message with the tone of respect, the feeling and the body language at the time of talking. These all play important roles in every communication process and can also deliver a confused and wrong message if they used in a wrong way.

In every organization, project manager has the main role of communicating with others such as clients, co-workers, advisors, dealers etc and also responsible to present the right message to the right person at the right time.

Communication is a symbol of the “transfer of information form one individual to another”. It is seen that the failure reason of the projects basically is the miscommunication, most of the project deliverers fail to clearly understand the vision and the project’s success criteria. This vision should be strongly communicated to each shareholder and team member and the whole team must be able to understand the total result for working together for a common goal.

A poor communication can certainly damage any project or relationship and break down the strength of the project. For a good communication one has to be knowledgeable about every detailed and updated thing about a project so that he could deliver the right information to the clients or shareholders.

It is not that this problem happens only in some cases or happens in certain time; it has become a regular problem and harming the growth of the projects. A right communication to all the shareholders in a clear and actual manner is the capital thing as it clears about the kind of the delivered messages.

When you are in the field of architecture or design, communication plays the most vital part in every project and through 3D communication tools it has become easier to communicate with various people over a project at a time. A rich communication with full of right knowledge and information makes a project more successful and in SktechUp it is also important.

SktechUp is not only a tool for modeling and designing it also known for its sharing capacity in 3D. Often designers make models and show the idea through the 3D communication system to their clients or other teammates as a presentation or for opinion. A good representation of the works of models, their designing, capacity and way of working will become the reasons of success and the bad one cause failure.

 To improve the communication way Nick Sonder, a member of SketchUp team has guided everyone with his wonderful SketchUp models and LayOut documents. Nick himself is a brilliant commuter and makes a good communication with the clients throughout the whole process and with the help of his friend, Houzz he had organized design ideas and collaborated with others. He has some brilliant concepts and produced a video tutorial as guide for all.
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Client Communication: the key to better projects
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