Demo of VizPro for SketchUp

This sketchup video tutorial provides the demonstration of Viz parametric modeling sketchup extension.

The tutorial briefly explains how to operate through the extension as well as generate a basic parametric model in sketchup. The extension sustains all the modeling history.

Parametric modeling means monitor the steps to generate the model in order that the objects are modified in due course devoid of undo and redo the various steps.

To get started go to the menu Extensions -> Viz -> Start Viz, or click the Vz button on the toolbar. As soon as the Viz Pro window opens, press Spacebar key to include new nodes.


1. In SketchUp, choose Window > Extension Manager.
2. Click the Install Extension button.

3. A open dialog box will be visible, then navigate to the .rbz file saved to your computer, choose the file, and click OK (Microsoft Windows) or Open (Mac OS X).
4. Restart SketchUp

Watch the following video to learn the complete process to create parametric modeling in sketchup.

Video Source: fluidinteractive

Demo of VizPro for SketchUp

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Arka Roy


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