Wall Thickness for 3D Printing

Wall thickness is necessary when you give your 3D model in print; otherwise, the 3D printer may not understand the thickness and thinness of the walls of your designs and print your model wrongly. So, it is the unwritten rule of designing 3D model in SketchUp to add wall thickness to your design. Paper-thin surfaces are strictly avoided for 3D printable models.

Setting the correct wall thickness needs your knowledge and proficient skills in designing. 3D printing materials and 3D models are two different subjects. The right wall thickness makes your 3D model print flawless, and it appears the same as you expect.

Choose the perfect wall for your 3D printing:

3D designing is an interesting field that grows rapidly in the world. This has made the craze for 3d printing materials used for various purposes. So, it is necessary to learn how to print a 3D model properly the way the design shows. In the designing software, you no need to work on the thickness surfaces to make your model. But when it comes to printing, it is an obligatory thing to add wall thickness. It helps 3D printer understand how thick of the surfaces are and print accordingly.

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