Cube Cities are a unique thinking

Greg Angevine is the founder of Cube Cities and with his innovative team he has made some unique featured cities which are different from the normal thoughts. He has spent a lot of years in his career to find some idea from some of the largest and most elaborately detailed cities all over the world. From his survey over this various kind of cities he has made finally very useful, floor-level visualizations for the three-dimensional industry and it is full of uniqueness. This article will throw the light on Greg’s innovative ideas and works.

About Cube Cities: It is the name of the company, given by Greg and it was founded in the year 2010 worked on creating and expanding a floor-level imagination platform which is reflects the transparency in the real estate markets. Before the arriving of Cube Cities it was not possible to fast visualize real estate data in 3D and now it became very effective for the real estate organizations. Cube Cities has changed the slow graphic of the real estate market and has brought a huge amount of interest for the common people.

Reason to be in the real estate modeling industry: Though Cube Cities is a full time and evolved company in real estate industry but before it Greg had worked with a commercial real estate agency in a research capacity that gave him the experience. Working with the real estate agency gave him the experience of the sources of firm and maintaining the data, also provided with the information about the techniques by which generally brokers grasp the data of produce researches to make a good communication in trending markets. Everyone is knowledgeable about the nature of the commercial real estate; it is very competitive field and has so much high-quality challenging data, to overthrow this Greg and his team has a build a method. The method can help users to weight their data and offer them different complementary tools to build their own visualizations. This is a new and developed technology that can create thousands of floor-level building models quickly and help to connect with users and become a useful important 3D mapping technology.

3D modeling is best in the real estate modeling industry: Real estate field is all about the location and views that can leave an effect in the construction process and give the project a well and furnished look. As 3D modeling can highlight each and every detail clearly so by using it modelers can highlight the main parts of their model and give the model a lively look.

Most challenging city model: Greg has designed many famous and big cities all around the world but according to him among them the most challenging and interesting model is Manhattan. This city is full of beauty in structures of every building; this city is consisted with various urban developments that give the city so much thickness that can’t find any other city. SketchUp has detailed the diversity in the buildings and made the iconic skyscrapers which are better than any procreated process. SktechUp is the only solution to create all kind of new and developed cities all over the world.

Things that SketchUp solves in a city model: SketchUp gives its users the ability to use 3D buildings with perfect geometry and high-quality photographic textures in any application. It is not easy to get the right a3erial imagery for building photorealistic models though it allows using the camera kind of features everywhere. A team of SketchUp modelers maintains a good number of photographers in selected cities which help to create high-quality models in any content.

Other extensions used in Cube Cities with SketchUp: Though SketchUp is an all-rounder tool but Greg is using software named Cesium, a mapping partner of SketchUp that emigrates the SketchUp models into it using SketchUp’s glTF export extension. Cesium is used in case of working with many SketchUp models loaded with unique javascript calls and can bear the extra load of 3D Tile Server that improve the loading speed and performance.

Besides this, the Cube Cities’ team has also worked with Matterport; this software that helps to see inside a building and tour for examining the original conditions of a space. Matterport also make the Cube Cities technology a perfect way to join floors or windows of a SketchUp model to virtual tour.

Future plans of Cube Cities: According to Greg, Cube Cities can be used to find indoor location or the location where the floor or partial area of a floor or other can be found. Besides that it can identify the problematic area or part of a building and solve them and provide public safety regulations also. In addition it is said that Greg is very much excited to see the combination and coordination of Cube Cities’ technology with SketchUp, Cesium and different mobile devices. All of them are different from each other but can become a huge versatile platform for the real estate industry.

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Cube Cities are a unique thinking

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