IthilRenderTools v3.0.1 – A new sketchup extension in extension warehouse

Anton A has developed IthilRenderTools v3.0.1. This newest sketchup extension is compatible with SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018.

The extension will be very useful for the various types of industries like Architecture, Film & Stage, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and other.

The plugin can be used to improve the performance of v-ray render significantly.

By using this extension, it is possible to generate most of the simple materials with just simple mouse clicks. Besides, all equivalent materials which contain various colors are grouped and tagged and become usable with simple mouse clicks.

As for instance, if you want to arrange various types of materials like all plastic toys in kids room, all books, pencils on the desk, all magazines and etc., just use this plugin to set up them automatically devoid of any issues.

This plugin also contains a block of scene materials analysis and one can also look for improper materials with incorrect textures.

This extension is available in extension warehouse

Watch the following video tutorial for online demonstration.

IthilRenderTools v3.0.1 - A new sketchup extension in extension warehouse

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Arka Roy

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