Vertex Tools – The updated version is available in extension warehouse

Thomas Thomassen has launched the updated version of vertex tools in 5th February 2018. This exclusive sketchup extension now supports sketchup 2018.

It is a robust vertex editor for sketchup. The vertex editor for SketchUp allows you to take hold over each vertex.

Soft selections are mandatoryfor organic modelling and the manipulator gizmo helps you in keeping control efficiently at the time of modeling as well as manipulating rapidly devoid of switching from selection mode. Besides, with gizmo, it is possible to extrude edges out of your selected geometry.

For more features, go through the following link

A 30 days free trial version is available for vertex Tools (registration required). After completion of 30 days, you have to buy a license for use it further. Purchace Vertex Tools for only $20 (

SketchUcation Premium Subscribers get 20% discount if they purchase through SketchUcation Store.

Menus & Toolbars

• Tools » Vertex Tools
• Context Menu » Vertex Tools
• Toolbars » Vertex Tools

Watch a online demonstration of the extension.

Vertex Tools – The updated version is available in extension warehouse

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