“Five ideas to innovate Floor plans and Elevations ”

The SketchUp Hub has arranged many courses and tutorials for designers to upgrade their capabilities and here are five tips to innovate Floor plans and elevations.

About SketchUp Hub:

Anita Brown has established the SktchUp Hub 3D Visualization and here are a range of courses for helping Interior Designers and students, creating exact floor plans and elevations with a professional touch for the extreme benefit of their business or studies. The SketchUp Hub’s total vision is to authorize Interior Designers especially women providing right technical abilities for making exact drawings and creative illusions at professional standards. Besides that, SketchUp Hub creates an available, engaged and fully supported learning environment for presenting the development of STEM related skills to a female driven industry.

In the month of January this year, the Sketchup Hub had announced their first ever 5 Day Challenge where they had challenged designers and SketchUp users to create an awesome kitchen design with the help of Free SketchUp download. The event was a big successful one and many people showed their wonderful skills where the best got the winner prize and made a place for his/her design. After that the SketchUp Hub has focused on designing the Interior sides of houses with elevations, these elevations are actually some kind of visual tools that allow Interior Designers to transfer perfectly their vision for a space, specifically they can work on the design of a wall and other items within nearly view.

Previously there was a course arranged by the SketchUp Hub called the SketchUp Bundle Course which included some individual courses, free downloadable templates etc. Clicking on the course title helped the users to know more about the learning outcomes of every course; but this Bundle does not had the SketchUp Pro license so they have to download or purchase the software separately. Each course is aimed at Interior Designers, Interior Design students, Interior Decorators, Interior Architects, Interior Stylists and Home Staging Professionals without any previous or limited knowledge of SketchUp. Designers who have earlier taken part in the video tutorials for this SketchUp Bundle Course and also took part in their 5 Days Challenge got a beautiful watercolor illustration of a dreamy design scheme for their computer wallpaper that they had created earlier.

Creating this wonderful wallpaper or working hard on the new skills and techniques for designing a new catalogue of precise and professional technical floor plans and elevations doesn’t matter at all as they will never give any benefit to the Interior Design business by gathering dust etc. There are some techniques to help designers in upgrading the work method and quality, like according to the professionals, to survive in this digital age and making the business firm and running one needs to stand out, inspire, engage and provide value to:

  • Increase the visibility of the brand
  • Grab attention of the Target Audience
  • Increase Sales

Though applying these things in producing the plans and illustrations needs a lot of commitment, determination, skill and practice which are taught in SketchUp Hub’s courses. The motto of these courses is to maximize the exposure of users, showcasing their new skill-set and the uniqueness of the regarded brand.

Five ways to create Most of the SketchUp Plans:

  • 1. Combine all the plans or illustrations into the recommended website content, for either adding visual appeal or a lovely chunk of creativity or for helping demonstrate the benefits of their service.
  • Including floor plans or elevations (either technical or illustrated) in the online portfolio will help to demonstrate the process of integrating SketchUp plans and elevations into the design process, also help to make benefits and communicate with the designs.
  • Creating engaging content and providing value to the target audience with included plans or drawing in blog posts will provide benefit to the design.
  • Interior designers as business owners should always handy to use social media for increasing visibility of the brand and to drive traffic for increasing sales.
  • Designers should never miss the opportunity to communicate and promote their brands.

Five ideas to innovate Floor plans and Elevations


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