ConDoc Tools 4.5 compatible with Sketchup 2019 will ship soon

The most updated version of ConDoc plugin i.e. ConDoc Tools 4.5 will be launched soon. It is compatible with sketchup 2019.

Given below, some exciting features of this latest version :-


SketchUp now contains dashed line types to substitute the old raster style, for crisp vector dashes.

In 2019 version drawing sets involve the updated demolition plans, foundation plan, roof plan, and elevations. These drawings are fully updated to make use of the new dashed line feature.


It is now possible to quickly and precisely arrange any model with level, element, location and condition. You need to just put the model organization guide into your project, click into the exact container, and start modeling.


In this latest version, a level layer toggle is included to detach each floor of your design with a single mouse click. It will save huge time by getting away the Layers dialog.


The conversion from 2d sketch to a precise 3d model becomes more rapid in this new version. There is a new annotations scrapbook with 2d blocks for scaled walls, doors, windows, furniture, and fixtures. Just put the pieces into exact position to build up your design.

As soon as your design is prepared for further examination and fine-tuning in 3d, apply the brand new CAD export settings in LayOut to deliver your 2d drawings to SketchUp.


ConDoc 4.5 comprises of a totally reinvented annotations scrapbook. There will be numerous new and enhanced palettes, symbols, and schedules.

To get more details, visit

ConDoc Tools 4.5 compatible with Sketchup 2019 will ship soon

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Arka Roy

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