Medeek Electrical (1.0.6) – The updated version is available in extension warehouse

Nathaniel P. Wilkerson has developed Medeek Electrical for sketchup. It is the newest sketchup extension with user-friendly interface for producing perfect 2D and 3D electrical geometry inside SketchUp.

This sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019.

This extension applies the SketchUp Ruby API programming interface.

All electrical types can be drawn/designed with industry standard practice. The extension facilitates the user to generate electrical components and fixtures as well as edit (presently applicable for switches only) each component in future releases.

Electrical geometry is implanted inside an accessible wall panel (developed with the Medeek Wall extension) or a wall “group”. The Medeek Electrical extension is well suited with any wall, roof, floor or ceiling geometry.

The extension can now also be applied with John Brock’s Framer plugin.

Custom materials can be implanted in the global settings to facilitate customization of material/color of wall plates and different electrical components.

Download a free trial version

Medeek Electrical (1.0.6) – The updated version is available in extension warehouse

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