“Curic Space for SketchUp Function description”

SketchUp Extension Curic Space is designed to help users to space objects inside the models quickly and users can use this extension for making copies of single objects etc.

This article is about the new SketchUp Plugin, Curic Space is an extension that gives users many options for spacing objects equally within SketchUp.

Curic Space: The simplest function of this extension is to choose multiple different objects, then selecting the axis with which users like the objects to be spaced and users can give any value to adjust the spacing. The entering of space values can be done as long as users don’t click out of the tool; they can also space across multiple axes by clicking on a new axis and typing in a value. Besides all of this, this extension also has an object duplication tool that can be activated in two simple steps: at first users need to click on a single instance of an object and then click on the Curic Space icon.

This extension does three things which are:

  • Creating Copies of Single Objects
  • Space objects based on the object centers
  • Space objects based on object origins

Copying objects: Users can create copies of objects with Curic space by selecting a single object and clicking the curic space button. If user selects only one object, the extension will ask the number of copies want to create and after creating the copies, all are inserted at the same point that can only space out by Curic space.

Spacing objects based on centres: The following extension allows users to neglect objects based on object centers where the center is found as pr the selected objects, then space every along a selected direction. Users can type in a numerical value and press the enter key to space every object; also users can enter a different value and press enter key to put different spacings.

Spacing objects based on origin: Curic space also has the option where users can space objects based on the object origin which can be useful while dealing with objects which are not the same width.


Curic Space for SketchUp Function description

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