“Adobe Dimension 2.0 is 3D for Graphic Designers”

Trimble Navigation is very excited to join with Adobe in announcing that native SketchUp interoperability has been added to Adobe Dimension 2.0.

Trimble Navigation is so excited and happy to share their announcement with everyone about their new ways of working with Adobe with using it. Here are some information about Adobe Max and Adobe Dimension 2.0.

Adobe Max: With Adobe everything is about the design process and their designs are being published at their annual creative conference called Adobe MAX. This year they have made it more impressive as the software giant is currently at its most improved with a focus on virtual reality, artificial intelligence and accommodating new programs to encourage the current generation of creative people. This huge seminar includes about 12000 creatives including influencers, guests, designers and developers from all over the world, for what was the biggest output the conference has ever seen. It was a grand opportunity to explore ideas, learn from experienced persons and influencers; besides that it became a new discussion platform to start a new era of art and technology for starting something fresh and new.

Adobe Dimension 2.0.: This New Year has been a wild ride like aggressively expel new features and abilities, engaging with Adobe’s user base and hearing peoples’ stories of exploring the new Dimension and upgrading new partnerships for Adobe across the wider 3D ecosystem. All of this has been included in this year’s Adobe MAX where they are launching the biggest update of Dimension so far which is Dimension v2.0 in front of the world’s creators, storytellers and our best friends.

Adobe Dimension v1.0 had come in the market a year before and it showed the world a new type of creative space, it is the one that brought the macrocosms of 2D graphic design and 3D modeling together into one simple tool. Dimension became an important tool for traditional Illustrator and Photoshop users as it gave a spatial context to classic graphic design work such as product packaging, product photo shoots and apparel design. For architects and interior designs, Adobe Dimension offered a new method to work with presentation renderings while for artists it helped them by blurring the line between 2D and 3D.

After releasing of the new version Dimension v2.0 the whole Adobe become very busy; they have improved the interoperability between Dimension and the rest of Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications. Now this new release can natively reads SketchUp models with 100% fidelity so all the designs will now become more lively and beautiful than ever. 3D working will add more vibrant in the designs in every field, users now can create more new and creative designs for their clients and customers. People who are already subscriber of Adobe Creative Cloud can have the full release of Dimension to use and can also share their Dimension projects on the SketchUp 3D Warehouse with the #dimension for further share and use.


Adobe Dimension 2.0 is 3D for Graphic Designers

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